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Ness Business Loan Programs in Israel

Farmer Mack Ness, who passed away in January 2004, named Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey as the sole beneficiary of his massive estate – provided the money be used to help Israel and a memorial be created to honor his mother, his brother and himself. 

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Israel Mission 2008

Read more about the Israel Mission November 2008.
Yemenite Jews make aliyah to Israel

JERUSALEM - A small group of Yemenite Jews has reached Israel after a secret airlift from their Arab homeland.

The quasi-governmental Jewish Agency says it brought the 10 people to Israel on Thursday after a "special operation."

Spokesman Michael Jankelowitz says the Yemenites had been threatened by al-Qaida. He refused to say how they were rescued, citing security concerns.

Most of Yemen's Jewish community immigrated to Israel after the Jewish state was founded in 1948. But about 280 Jews remain there.

Jankelowitz says the community has faced growing threats over the past year. He says Jews in the capital of San'a fled their homes last year because of al-Qaida threats. And in December, a Yemenite Jew was killed in a shooting attack.

The new arrivals will be given temporary housing near Jerusalem.


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Arad and Tamar: Our Sister Communities

The New Jersey/Delaware - Arad/Tamar Partnership 2000 (P2K) encourages and fosters enduring relationships between and among the Jewish communities in New Jersey/Delaware and Arad/Tamar.

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