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The New Jersey/Delaware - Arad/Tamar Partnership 2000 (P2K) encourages and fosters enduring relationships between and among the Jewish communities in New Jersey/Delaware and Arad/Tamar.

Through the partnership and collaboration of leadership in the Jewish Federations of New Jersey/Delaware, regional representatives of municipal authorities and regional volunteers, activities of mutual interest and benefit are developed.

The program focuses on the development of Jewish identity and unity between and among the communities, building of volunteer networks, leadership development, programming for all ages, enhancement of social services, business development, integration of new immigrants and cultural activities.  Through our accomplishments and goals, our communities are working together to help shape our Jewish identity and to build a better world for the future of our children.
















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Israel Eco Connection provides participants with the
opportunity to  explore their own environmental habits and those of their peers, while fostering productive  partnerships to work together to solve global environmental issues from a positive Jewish, Israeli and Zionist perspective.

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Looking for a Unique and Meaningful Experience in Israel?

The New Jersey/Delaware-Arad/Tamar Partnership 2000 offers volunteer opportunities, working from two weeks to two months with children, seniors, new immigrants and living like an Israeli in a warm, friendly community.   

The Partnership covers one-way transportation to or from Ben Gurion Airport and a simple but amply furnished apartment with fully equipped kitchen and air-conditioning.
Sight seeing programs are available.

Contact Amy Cooper by phone at 908-288-2405 or email for more information.


Israel English Speaking Day Camp in Israel!
To work as a counselor with 8-12 year olds who  wish to improve their English skills
June 24-July 22, 2012
Deadline for Application: April 15, 2012
Click for
application form and volunteer guidelines.

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Volunteer for Arad-Tamar

We invite you, friends and members of our partnership Federations to volunteer in the Arad-Tamar region. We can offer a unique Israeli experience in our communities while volunteering in our community activities such as English language enrichment in the schools, working with immigrants, elderly and special needs children.

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