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Book of Life

By bearing witness to our strength and vitality, we have embarked on a project, which promises to build a legacy for our future.

THE BOOK OF LIFE IS A PROMISE, a record of individual members of the community who plan or already have made provisions to endow its future.  The Book of Life is an opportunity for community members who are pledging their support to write about their history, as well as their hopes for the community.  The Book is a bound historical volume on permanent display at the Wilf Jewish Community Campus.

WHEN YOU SIGN THE BOOK OF LIFE you are saying, “I believe in my community and in my Jewish heritage.  I want to ensure that our people survive and flourish.  I want my name to bear witness to the values and achievements of my parents and grandparents, for generations to come.”   Your signature in The Book of Life represents your intention to make a planned giving commitment.  Everyone can participate.  There are many ways to fund a planned gift at any dollar amount you choose to make:

Our legacy will be an inspiration to those who follow…

YOUR ACTION FULFILLS THE PROMISE.  After you have signed the Book of Life, the next step is take the appropriate action.  The Endowment Foundation’s professional staff will work with you and/or your legal and financial advisors to discuss your plans and design a charitable gift that best reflects your goals.
DESIGNATING YOUR GIFT TO SPECIFIC ORGANIZATIONS.  You may plan your gift as an unrestricted endowment that provides future generations the flexibility to respond to changing times, or as a designated fund to provide support for one or more particular purposes, programs, services, beneficiary agencies of the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey, or other Jewish institutions.

Click here to see the inscriptions of members of the Jewish community of Central New Jersey who have chosen to sign the Book of Life. Their words are an inspiration and reflect a diverse yet cohesive community that shares a similar past and a commitment to the future for generations to come.

We invite you to sign the Book of Life and add your name and story to this
historical record.

For more information please contact
Jessica Bennett Mehlman
(908) 889-5335

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