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BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 15 (JTA) -- Karyn Berger, a slight, dark-haired woman wearing a royal blue prayer shawl, steps up to the microphone... "We were born in Austria, Budapest, the Bronx, Toronto and Oklahoma," she begins. "We grew up atheist, Reform kosher, socialist-Zionist. Two of us went to Orthodox yeshivas..."  click here.

Activities and Resources for Kids, Teens, College Students
Camps,counseling, education, travel and more: Federation supports activities in Central New Jersey for children, teenagers and college students. To find what you're looking for,  click here

A Jewish Congress
It’s official: There are now more Jews in Congress than ever before. The 110th Congress has 30 Jews in the House, 13 in the Senate. But what that means depends on where you sit.  click here for more

Mekor Chaim: Source of Life
Bo by Rabbi Jan Kaufman

The historical consciousness of the Jewish people has its foundation in this week’s parashah. We leave Egypt after Pharoah and his people have suffered through the plagues. We start on our journey towards the Promised Land as a nation...  click here for more

Senior Activities and Care

From daytime activities to long term care, the Jewish community of Central New Jersey has resources for seniors...learn more.  

Community Directory

Looking for a Synagogue nearby? Here are resources for Jewish Life in Central New Jersey.

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Young Jews with Asperger's Go On Tailor-made Birthright Trip
by Dina Kraft

CAESAREA, Israel, Jan. 16 (JTA) -- The group made its way across the rocky beaches and archaeological ruins of Caesarea, searching for ancient pottery shards and drinking in every word of the city's fabled history along the way. These 17 young American Jews were not typical birthright israel participants.  click here for more

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To contact the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey, please call 908-889-5335 or .  

Weekly Torah Portion
Parashat Bo

Details of the Passover Seder service were first imparted to Moses in 12, 1-20. The subsequent verses (21-28) record Moses’ transmission of them to Israel, or strictly speaking to their elders. Ramban comments on the relationship between these two accounts (1-20; 21-28):

The latter (vv.21 ff) contains a briefer treatment since the main points have already been referred to in the first account. Moses no doubt gave complete instructions to the people but the text merely records: “as the Lord commanded, so they did”.  ... click here to read the full text