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PARIS - President Jacques Chirac honored nearly 3,000 French people who rescued Jews from the Nazis, in a ceremony at the Pantheon in central Paris on Thursday. It is the first such formal tribute to the group, known as the "Righteous of France."  more

Myth and Fact: Palestinian Statehood
by Mitchell G. Bard

Newspaper headlines in mid-January 2007 said it all: “Palestinian Opposes Provisional State” and “Abbas Rejects ‘Temporary Borders’ for Palestine”.  read this week's Myth & Fact

British Radio Voice for Jews Seeks a Full-time License
by Vanessa Bulkacz

LONDON, Jan. 17 (JTA) -- A Jewish voice for Britain is waiting to have that voice certified by the government. Shalom FM, the sole station in Britain that offers all-Jewish programming, is awaiting an answer to its second application for a full-time community broadcasting license.  click here for more

The Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey supports a unique network of social and humanitarian agencies, here at home, in Israel and around the world. We care for children, comfort the elderly, provide services for the disabled, the lost and forgotten. To learn more,  click here.

Israelis Raise Coral Out of the Blue
by Karin Kloosterman

While other criminal lawyers are spending their afternoons preparing court cases, Israeli attorney Ofer Almalam is taking off his tie and heading over to an unusual aquatic farm to dote on some special clients.  read more

Israeli Casualties

August 12, 2003 - Erez Hershkovitz, 18, of Eilon Moreh, was murdered at a bus stop outside Ariel when a Palestinian suicide bomber, 17, detonated himself. Three others were seriously wounded in the attack, which was claimed by Hamas.

There have been 22,406 terror attacks against Israeli targets on both sides of the "green line" since the start of the current Palestinian terrorism started in September 2000. 1,022 Israelis have been killed and 6,873 have been injured.