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Israel Emergency Campaign
Help. Give. Hope.

The Israel Emergency Campaign, a second-line campaign of Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey will address immediate needs while providing funding to be used, as needed, for the long-term re-building and support of the victims in these ravaged areas.

Immediate Relief Needs during Period of Hostilities
(Estimated Funding Required: $50 million per month)

Children (Estimated Monthly Cost: $18 million)

  • Overnight camps in central and southern Israel for the children of the North.
  • Trauma counselling.
  • Volunteer-run activities for children in the shelters.
  • Mobile Activity Vans with specialized programming for these children

The Vulnerable (Estimated Monthly Cost: $20 million)

  • Specialized emergency assistance for the physically and/or developmentally disabled.
  • Food and medical assistance for the elderly who were dependent on home care services that have been suspended.
  • Trauma counselling for new immigrants conducted in their mother-tongue.
  • Special support and assistance for immigrants arriving during the conflict.
  • Assisting internal refugees from northern communities

Infrastructure (Estimated Monthly Cost: $10 million)

  • Equipping the shelters.
  • Temporary housing for uprooted population.
  • Emergency Medical Services

Relief and Support for Soldiers and their Families (Estimated Monthly Cost: $2 million)

Longer Term Needs & Challenges
(Estimated Minimum Funding Required: $242 million)

Trauma Services (Initial Estimate of $25 million)

  • Trauma counselling for the citizens of northern Israel and areas surrounding Gaza.
  • Specialized programs for new immigrants, the elderly and children.
  • Training for teachers and youth workers in trauma counselling.
  • Hospitals, specialized trauma services, hot lines, first responders.

Fund for Victims of Terror (Initial Estimate of $20 million)

  • Establishment of a dedicated fund for victims and their families.
  • Scholarships and assistance for the children of victims.

Unemployment and economic hardship (Initial Estimate of $35 million)

  • Vocational training for the newly unemployed due to lay-offs or the closure of their businesses.
  • Small business loan fund.

Rebuilding communal infrastructure (Initial Estimate of $40 million)

  • Re-equipping damaged community services, such as libraries, community centres, day cares and homes for the elderly.
  • Updating bomb shelters to ensure that they are well equipped.
  • Upgrading emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances.
  • Ensuring that summer camps in Northern Israel are able to resume after the ceasefire.

Housing (Initial Estimate of $15 million)

  • Temporary housing while destroyed homes are rebuilt.
  • Assistance for repairs.
  • Aid to low-income families without home insurance.

Vulnerable populations: children, new immigrants, the elderly and the disabled (Initial Estimate of $65 million)

  • Restoring home care, meals-on-wheels and medical care to the elderly.
  • Aiding new immigrants to access government services geared toward recovery.
  • Providing specialized services to the physically and developmentally disabled.

Response to cuts in government support in education and social welfare as a result of increased defence needs and loss of tax revenue (Initial Estimate of $40 million)

  • Educational enrichment programs and tutoring for children.
  • Upgrading of educational facilities.
  • Assistance to vulnerable populations affected by social-welfare cutbacks.

Israel Advocacy – Enhancing the effort to effectively make the case on behalf of Israel and to build community support (Initial Estimate of $2 million)

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