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Programs in Israel

Anyone of any age from the Central NJ area who has never been to Israel on an organized program is eligible to receive a $750 stipend from Federation for any program in Israel that is approved by Federation.

The following is a list of some of the programs which
Federation subsidizes in Israel.
You can also feel free to submit an application for
any program in Israel not listed below.

Click here for Federation's stipend application.

If you are 19-25, Kefiada is an exciting and wonderful opportunity to see Israel, teach English to children and be welcomed by Israeli hosts. Participants will spend the month of July in Federation’s sister city of Arad, in southern Israel, or in Kibbutz Ein Gedi.  Kefiada is fully subsidized for anyone who goes from the central New Jersey area, thanks to Federation and Partnership 2000.  Call (908) 889-5335 for more information on Kefiada.

Project Otzma
Learn to be a Jewish leader for the 21st century.  Otzma is a 10-month joint volunteer program of the Jewish Agency and the Jewish Federation of North America for young adults ages 20-26.  Participants live together at immigrant absorption centers, kibbutzim, or in different urban communities.  They’ll learn Hebrew and become involved in community service, by doing a myriad of things, such as working in an absorption center, a non-profit organization, or a Youth village.  Otzma offers a unique opportunity to contribute and acquire an in-depth understanding of Israel and the Jewish people.

Kibbutz Ulpan
Learn Hebrew through this successful “veteran” program that includes five months of living and working in different kibbutzim around Israel.  Kibbutz Ulpan brings together young Jews, ages 17-28, from all over the world for a unique social experience.  You can be placed in a religious or secular kibbutz.  Receive up to eight credits from the University of Haifa, upon passing exams.

Project 1000 Volunteers
This diverse assortment of volunteer initiatives conducted by the Aliyah movement includes opportunities to work in Magen David Adom, absorption centers, hospitals, schools, institutes for children care and many others. All programs, which last two weeks in length or more, are for adults of all ages.  Housing is provided for most Project 1000 volunteers.

Connect to the land of Israel in spirit, mind and body.  Take this exciting adventure challenge and spend two months learning some basics of the Israeli Defense Forces.  Activities in Marva, which is for persons ages 18-26 with at least a minimum knowledge of Hebrew, range from camp craft, navigation, topography to hikes, seminars on social and political problems facing Israel, and walking tours.  Marva is based in the southern Negev on a Gadna army base.  Within the framework of the program, participatnts also spend considerable time in various other parts of the country, including Jeruslalem, the Golan Heights, the Galil, and more.

Livnot U’lehibanot
Livnot offers a variety or programs for young adults in their twenties and early thirties with little prior background in Judaism.  The program facilitates an exploration of Israel and Jewish heritage through the medium of fascinating seminars, challenging hikes and rewarding community service projects.  The campuses are situation in both Jerusalem and the ancient city of Tzfat, and students are given the opportunity to explore both of these mystical and magical cities.

Your Jerusalem
Discover the secrets of the Holy City, explore ancient and modern alleyways, markets and buildings unique to the capital of the Jewish people.  Go behind the scenes for five days to better understand Jerusalem’s past, present and future; meet some of the people who make Jerusalem what it is today, while studying about the characters that shaped the past.

Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet
This unique program combines teens ages 14-18 from all over the world with teens living in Israel, emphasizing the connection between Israel and Jews in the Diaspora.  Participants get the chance to immerse themselves in Israeli culture, by traveling from coast to coast and from north to south – while hiking, rappelling, and experiencing army training.  Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet is the only summer program to Israel for youths of this age directly supervised by the IDF.

birthright israel
birthright israel offers a unique opportunity to Jewish youths ages 18-26 who've never been to Israel on an organized tour to visit Israel free of charge.  Spend 10 days traveling the length and breadth of the land, meet Israelis and experience the power of returning to a home to which you've never been.  The trip includes flights, accomodations, all meals (kosher), and touring.

Build your resume and your country!  Adults ages 19-35 are invited to experience daily life in Israel with an internship in any professional field.  Internships are extremely flexible and can run 2-6 months, and start any time of the year, in any part of Israel.  Previous interns have worked in the Israeli Supreme Court, government offices, for high-tech companies, at TV and radio stations, Israeli newspapers, government offices and more.  Housing and a stipend are provided.

Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Ginsburn-Ingerman Center for International Student Programs
BGU, located in Beer Sheva, was created in 1969 to transform the Negev. Named after first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, BGU follows in the footsteps of his vision to make the Israeli desert bloom. Today, BGU is Israel's fastest growing insitution of higher learning, with an international reputation for innovative research, a modern 21st century campus and a dynamic student body.

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