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The following is a sample letter urging our government and other officials to support Israel.


The Honorable (fill in name):

I/We write today to urge you to support Israel as it fulfills the most fundamental responsibility of any government, namely, the protection of its people.

Despite Israel's complete withdrawal in recent years from both Southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, it now finds itself battling adversaries who fire rockets into Israeli cities and use guerilla tactics, such as the kidnapping of soldiers. The attack by Hezbollah, part of Lebanon's government, across the sovereign and internationally recognized border, is rightfully viewed by Israel as an ‘act of war.’

The Israeli government not only has a right to respond to these crimes, but it has an obligation to do so.

I/We urge you to stand behind Israel as it defends itself and works for the speedy release of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

Thank you for your consideration.


(Your name)

E-mail is the preferred means of correspondence with most elected officials.

Please feel free to cut and paste the body of the letter from the column to the left, or to use it as a guide to write your own letter.

Click on the official to whom you want to write. Your message will be sent to the appropriate person or website for correspondence on this topic.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

We also recommend that you urge G8 Members and Members of the European Union to demand the release of Israeli soldiers and condemn the axis of terror that is coming from Iran, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian Authority during their upcoming meetings.

Below are the links to the home pages of the embassies of the G-8 members meeting July 15-17 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Click to contact local consulates.



Great Britain



The Russian Federation

For European Union Foreign Ministers meeting July 17th in Brussels, Belgium – contact local consulates. Find a list of EU countries and information about their consulates by clicking here.


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