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Live generously.


They’re Here!

Join with Jews across North America in proudly wearing the LIVE GENEROUSLY bracelet.

Living Generously means giving to others, taking responsibility, acting with loving-kindness. Living Generously is your need to grow the community and its traditions for your children and your children's children. It's your need to provide both immediate comfort and long-term help heal the world, bringing dignity and opportunities where none existed before.

Your generosity does a world of good.

Your values inspire us.

Your strength empowers us.

Your commitment is at the very heart of our community.

Live Generously bracelets are available. The suggested donation is $1 per bracelet.

Quantities are limited. Order online or contact your Synagogue, Hebrew School or Day School.  Live Generously

Where Your Money Goes: Jewish Education
Torah --­ Jewish learning --­ lies at the core of Jewish life. The command to teach our children is contained in the Sh’ma, Judaism’s most sacred prayer. Throughout Jewish history, every Jewish community has taken this obligation to heart, building schools for the young and honoring those who devote their lives to learning and teaching. Jewish federations continue this tradition today...  learn more

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To contact the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey, please call 908-889-5335 or .  

Young Leadership
Live a life of fulfillment and connection. Make the connection to your Jewish soul and to the soul of your Jewish community. Take advantage of Jewish federation’s countless opportunities to enrich your life...  learn more

Where Your Money Goes
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Rescue and Non-Sectarian Relief
Public Health and Medicine
Jewish Education
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