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The following is a sample letter expressing solidarity with the family of kidnapped Israeli soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit. Please feel free to personalize it when writing to the Shalits.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shalit,

I/We would like you to know that your son Gilad is in the thoughts and prayers of the entire Jewish community. As we carefully follow developments in Israel, we hope for Giladís safety and for his speedy return to his family.

We stand behind Israel as officials work for Giladís release and as Israel acts to defend the people and nation of Israel.  

Our community here in New Jersey has been a partner of Arad for many years. We were moved when Mr. Shalit told journalists that he wishes, with Gilad, to visit the family of fallen soldier Lt. Hanan Barak in Arad. Your strength and generosity in such trying times is an inspiration.

Anachnu itchem, chazak víematz.

(Your name)

Please feel free to cut and paste the letter from the column to the left. However, it might be more meaningful if you use it merely as a guide, and write your own letter to the family of Cpl. Gilad Shalit.

Your letter will be sent to Federation's P2K office in Arad, and forwarded to the Shalit family.

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