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The State of Israel is currently under a murderous attack by missiles which are aimed at the heart of the civilian population in cities, towns and villages in the northern part of Israel. Make no mistake this is a war, with the death toll and the number of injured climbing daily.

Hundreds of thousands of people live in these areas whose daily routines have been turned upside down. Among them tens of thousands of children find themselves spending their summer vacation in bomb shelters instead of camp. These bomb shelters have also become home to the 2,300 olim (immigrants) who live in Jewish Agency absorption centers in this region, including many from Ethiopia. They thought they were coming to a life of new opportunities in a Jewish homeland, yet they now find themselves in the midst of a war.

Our Federation, our community, has always been in the forefront, when it comes to Israel. We’ve been there, standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel as it fought for its survival and its development as a state during its 58 years of its existence. As this war has unfolded, our community has responded. Shortly after the attacks began, our Federation took $25,000 from its reserves to help evacuate disadvantaged children in the north to summer camps in the south of the country, so they can escape the violence. In addition trauma counselors are being dispatched to work with the immigrants, children and elderly in the north. This quick response was possible because we have an infrastructure that is supported by our annual UJA-Federation Campaign. Our system must respond to the ever increasing needs that this war is causing. We therefore appeal to all members of the community to please consider additional contributions to Federation’s Annual Campaign NOW. If you have not contributed towards the 2006 Annual Campaign, we urge you to send us your gift immediately. Cash is critical, and we must have additional funds on hand as needs emerge.

These are difficult days for the citizens of the State of Israel. It is also an opportunity for us as a people to unite and share in our national collective responsibility. We ask that everyone get behind our annual UJA-Federation campaign and work together in order to insure the continuity of the global Jewish community.

Stanley H. Stone
Executive Vice President

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